Grey Street! A foodies paradise!

Are you a foodie looking for the best places to eat in Brisbane? Look no further than Grey Street in South Bank! With a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your cravings.

Here are some of the places that I tried during a work assignment down under.

Mrs Luu’s

Mrs Luu’s is a Vietnamese eatery that offers delicious dishes like the Crispy Chicken Rice Bowl. This dish features succulent pieces of fried chicken on top of steaming white rice, served with a side of fresh greens. It was highly recomended by our colleages in Brisbane.

This was the first lunch I had during this visit, and as usual I shared a picture of my meal with my wife. She had shown it to her colleages, and the conversation of “Our husbands eat like this when they are abroad, if we cook this at home they will make a big fuss…”. This brough up an interesting conversation as to how we should replan our meals at home; but that’s a story for another day.

Crispy Chicken Rice Bowl from Mrs Luu's
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The Lion | An AI generated story of a Sri Lankan Superhero


The story of “The Lion” was generated using ChatGPT while the illustration was generated using BlueWillow. Thought this is not my original work, I am publishing this as a first draft, which I hope to further extend.

In this first draft, the characthers, their origins and the basic story line was generated by ChatGPT.

I am excited to take this further and add my own writing and imagination into the story; I also hope I can incorporate more AI technolgoies to help me in this endeavour.

Chapter 1: Origin Story

Rajiv was just an ordinary boy living in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He loved reading comics and dreamed of being a superhero. However, his life took a dramatic turn when his parents were killed in a terrorist attack. Rajiv was devastated, and he vowed to use his powers to fight against evil and prevent anyone else from suffering the same fate as his parents.

One day, while wandering in the streets, Rajiv stumbled upon an ancient artifact. It was a small, intricately carved statue of a lion. As soon as he touched it, he felt a surge of energy flowing through him. He suddenly felt stronger, faster, and more powerful than ever before. He realized that he had been chosen to be the protector of Sri Lanka, and he became the superhero known as “The Lion.”

Meanwhile, Rajiv’s arch nemesis was also born. His name was Ravana, and he was a ruthless criminal who was determined to control the criminal underworld of Sri Lanka. Ravana was jealous of The Lion’s powers and saw him as a threat to his plans. He vowed to defeat The Lion and become the undisputed ruler of Sri Lanka’s criminal underworld.

An AI Illustration of "The Lion"
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The 3 C’s of Chilaw, Muneswaram, and Panduwasnuwara

The second largest town in the Puttalam district is Chilaw. It is one of the few towns in all of Sri Lanka to be known by three names; “Halāvata” in Sinhala, “Cilāpam” in Tamil and of course “Chilaw” in English. Travel Guides introduce Chilaw as the city famous for its three C’s – Coconuts, Crabs and Coreas!

Chilaw Beach

Chilaw Beach

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The Stone Fortress

he weather had been a little towards the gloomy side over the penultimate week of my work assignment in Gothenburg; and I was extremely relieved when I woke up on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. I had planned to make the trip to Marstrand the week before because the colleagues at office assured me that it would be a worthwhile experience. I quickly checked the train schedule and prepared for the day ahead of me!


Marstrand as seen from the docks on the mainland

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Stupas of the Eastern Province

December 26th 2004, a day forever etched in our memories as the day the sea swallowed the coastline. The amount of destruction caused by the rampaging sea was a phenomenon that was beyond comprehension. I remember sitting at home, watching the Boxing Day Cricket match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand when the breaking news interrupted the live telecast; Sri Lanka was hit by a devastating Tsunami.

According to the “Great Chronicle”, popularly referred to as the Mahavamsa, a similar phenomenon had occurred during the reign of King Kelani Tissa. The ancient scripture mentions that King Kelani Tissa sentenced a monk to death by immersing him in a cauldron of oil. This act of cruelty angered the gods who unleashed their wrath by making the sea flow inland submerging Kelaniya. Soothsayers, who advised the king during times of distress, asked his royal highness to sacrifice his daughter to the sea. Thus, the King’s daughter Devi, was cast in to the sea in a beautifully decorated Golden vessel.

The vessel with Princess Devi aboard washed ashore on to the beach near the area which is today known as Pottuvil. The Princess later became the main consort of King Kavan Tissa of Ruhuna, Vihara Mahadevi. She was the mother of King Dutugamunu and Saddhatissa.

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A Weekend in Negombo

Despite being a tiny drop in the Indian Ocean; Sri Lanka is an amazingly diverse country. This diversity has many flavors from life styles to culture to weather and history. Amidst the array of destinations there are certain places that literally make you feel like a tourist. Todays’ piece is on one such location – Negombo.


The black sand beach at Negombo

Fondly referred to as “The Little Rome”, Negombo is sprinkled with decidedly ornate Roman Catholic churches that were built during the Portuguese-era. The Katuwapitiya Church and the Grand Street Church are the two biggest parishes in Negombo, a predominantly Christian area. Located about 37 kilometers North of Colombo, the Negombo town is positioned at the mouth of the Negombo lagoon. A traditional fishing town situated a mere 7 kilometers away from the Bandaranayke International Airport in Katunayaka, the economy in this areas is of course based on fisheries and tourism.

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Dams along the Mahaweli

The Mahaweli River is the longest river in Sri Lanka. The river originates from the mountains belonging to the Kirigalpoththa and the Thotupola mountain ranges and pours in to the Indian Ocean near Trincomalee; a journy that spans a length of 335 kilometers.

Water from the Mahaweli is used for two main purposes; agriculture and generation of Electricity. Thus, the river is dammed at six locations to divert water for irrigation and to run power houses. More than 40% of our nation’s electricity requirement is fulfilled by these six dams, namely, Victoria, Randenigala, Rantambe, Polgolla, Kothmale and Bowatenne.

Victoria Dam Spill gates open

Spill gates of the Victoria Dam opened

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The Heritage of King Dhatusena

Kind Dhatusena was the first King of the Moriyan Dynasty to rule our island nation from 455 AD to 473 AD. He defeated the South Indian invaders who ruled the country for twenty six years and proclaimed Anuradhapura as his Capital. According to the Chronicles of the Chulawansa, Dhatusena was raised by his Uncle, a Buddhist Monk named Mahanama, who ordained him as a Buddhist Monk in order to hide him from the invaders.

Like the many great Kings who ruled Sri Lanka during ancient times, Kind Dhatusena contributed immensely towards agriculture. He constructed 10 irrigation tanks during his reign; the flagship of which is the “Kala Wewa”.


Kala Wewa [Photo by Thejan Niroshan (

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Majestic Mannar

Seated at the Fort Station, waiting for the Kelany Valley Train, my attention was drawn to an announcement over the PA system informing that the train to Thalaimannar is scheduled to leave in a few minutes. Ironically, the train of thought that stemmed from what I had just heard led me to the revelation that I’ve never been to that part of the Island. That night I brought up the topic with my wife and we put in to motion the plan to visit Mannar as our next excursion.

Madhu Church

Madhu Church

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The Historic city of Kurunegala

Kurunegala is an ancient city in the North Western region of Sri Lanka that was once the capital city used by four different Kings who ruled over our island nation for around 50 years. Today, the city has become the Administrative Capital of the North Western Province. Located about 94 km away from Colombo, 54 km away from Kandy, 54 km away from Puttalam and 121 km away from Anuradhapura; Kurunegala is a transportation hub that connects many roads leading to all parts of the country.


The city of Kurunegala, as seen from atop Athugala

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